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Principal Partner

In his ten years working in the Financial and Information Technology space, Hassan has led an impressive career as a Business Development Analyst, Project Manager, and Coordinator, a career that began soon after graduating with a B.Sc in International Business from the prestigious American College of Dubai.


Hassan’s ambition to advance technology reforms in Nigeria drove his decision to migrate back to his native country and join one of West Africa’s premier FinTech companies just over two years into his career in Dubai. Since then, Hassan has led multiple teams to deliver complex enterprise projects, primarily in the public sector. This has allowed him to develop extensive technical know-how in the areas of stakeholder management, project management, policy reform and advocacy, process automation, and many others, skills that have allowed him to contribute across various Think Thank forums and policy advisory.


Hassan, as the Principal Partner of Primeguage Solutions, is responsible for driving the company’s overarching vision and objectives. Hassan has positioned Primeguage on the path to being one of the most sought-after Fintech companies in West Africa, thanks to his dedication to providing excellent service.