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Managing partner

He graduated from Aberdeen Business School with an MSc. in Supply Chain Management Onyedikachi has over 9 years of management and strategy consulting experience for firms in the service, healthcare, information technology, energy, and petrochemicals sectors.


As a result, Kachi has worked with several foreign clients from North America, Europe, and Asia. In the process of company development, strategy building, and implementation, he has worked closely with top management and board members of firms.


As a decisive and experienced leader, Kachi leads cross-functional management, innovation, and strategic directions at Primeguage, with full responsibility for corporate vision, strategy, company expansion, and process governance. Kachi builds and implements relevant Enterprise Sales Industry Value Propositions monthly to meet Primeguage’s annual financial goals and strategic positioning, hence enhancing growth and productivity.


Kachi has passionately devoted a substantial portion of his time to mentorship, people development, and talent management to sustainably position Primegauge as a true giant in the African market through his commitment to excellence and the development of the next generation of brilliant minds.